Sunday, 15 April 2012

Calling all Canadian MRAs

For all of you Canucks out there--not just those of you from out here in the Wild West--there is big news soon to be forthcoming. I'd like to ask any and all interested parties who want in on the goings-on and general happenings to shoot me an email.

What I'd like is a bunch of email addresses on file so when I have details to report, including how those who are interested can get involved, I can do up a mass mailing.

So send to girlwriteswhat AT gmail DOT com, and put "Canadian MRA" in the subject line. No need for anything in the body of the email. I will protect everyone's confidentiality, and promise not to use your email addresses for evil.

So again, if you're Canadian and you're an MRA, or even generally interested in some men's rights issues, I want to hear from you.

Thanks and hugs. :)


  1. I would love...LOVE love to hear your thoughts on sexual orientation in relation to gender roles, norms and indeed, gender. Do your same thoughts apply? or are they different?

    and what do you make of the seemingly strong "connection" gay men for example have with women, and does it stem from the (perceived) oppression of both groups? why do many gay men tend to be more feminine and lesbians masculine?

    just a 3 am ramble and there are far more questions on the matter. I would love to see a vlog dedicated to this topic. :)

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  3. I've sent you an email with all the information you should need. I'm interested to see what you've got planned!


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