Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Abuse of Youtube's copyright infringement claim process for doxxing purposes

UPDATE: it appears that the pathetic cowards who perjured themselves filing these maliciously false copyright infringement claims have chickened out, and retracted their claims. My account is back in good standing, with zero copyright strikes, and the videos in question are back up for the illumination of the viewing public. 

I am currently under attack from one or two individuals who are attempting to gain access to my name, address and phone number, through claiming my videos are infringing on their copyright.

They have posted two claims against three of my videos, "LPS 2: the Rights of the Child"; "Fempocalypse!" and "LPS Part 1 - Men have an equal responsibility." These videos have been removed by YT.

Their claim is that I am infringing on their original works, "Femdompocalypse"; "The Rights of a Child - Part 2"; and "Men Have an Equal Responsibility", which they claim are not hosted on YouTube. Googling of these titles receives no relevant hits.

Copyright infringement claims by one more individual will result in the deletion of my YT account. Only two individuals have lodged complaints thus far, within minutes of each other judging by the fact that the notifications from YT hit my email account within minutes of each other.

As you can see in the screenshot, to file a counterclaim, I must make my personal information, including legal name, address and phone number available to the claimant.

There is NO unoriginal material in these videos. Anyone who has watched these three videos will know that in them I am sitting at my kitchen table reading from a script I have written. These are MY original works, with NO content from other copyrighted works in them. I own the copyright to these videos.

I am unable to contact the administration of YouTube. The system is now automated, removal is instant, and counterclaiming requires I disclose my personal information to the individuals who have made the claim against me.


I find it so very odd that this attack occurred only a day or two after the first highly upvoted (over 100 upvotes), and since removed, comment I left on the channel of Free[from]thoughtblogger and popular Atheist-turned-feminist vlogger ZOMGitscriss. According to people in the Skeptic/atheist community, there have been incidents of stalking and harassment of individuals in that community who do not toe the FTB feminist party line.

I am not going to cave in and provide my personal information to potential stalkers by engaging YouTube's counterclaim process. If these people want my personal information, here's the only process through which they I will give it to them:

I will engage an attorney and file a lawsuit against YT for their irresponsible automated copyright infringement claim process, which exposes individuals like me to the risk of real life harassment. At which point, I'm sure YT will be interested in determining who abused their system and saddled them with a law suit. I'm sure in the legal mayem that ensues, my real name will have to come out. But at least it will be worth it, you fucking cowards.

Edit: It seems my comments are still up at ZOMGitscriss's video--in my frenzy to deal with the situation, being unable to find the initial one in the slew of comments there, I did a search of a word I'd used that came up blank and assumed it was gone. And let me be clear--this post was in no way accusing ZOMGitscriss specifically for anything, other than posting a video I felt compelled to comment on, that brought me to the attention of a community known for stalking less than 48 hours before the notices hit my inbox.


  1. Oh.... what a world, what a world. I deeply admire your courage and integrity not to give in to this bullying. I hope that the caca hits the fan at YouTube for facilitating and ignoring such cowardly harrassment. If there is anything those of us who follow your blog and videos can do, please let us know. I would be more than happy to raise a red flag on your behalf.


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  2. Unfortunately this is how #FTBullies work.

    We (uh, I and some guys on twitter) are behind you, don't give up, ever.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are being harrassed in this way! I have enjoyed listening to your ideas. Attacking someone for expressing their personal opinions is cowardly and disgraceful. I would prefer to hear their counterarguments, and then judge for myself the relevance of either. You must have made them very nervous if they want to gag you like this.
    Good luck!

  4. You're finally learning what men have known for a long time; feminists (especially women) don't care about free speech. They care about silencing the opposition: http://goo.gl/491PA

    1. I don't think male feminists are any better.

    2. Free speech is the first casualty of radical politics. Gender has little to do with it.

    3. The problem with using the term "free speech" here is that when it's not the government cracking down, it's not really a "free speech" issue. The Constitution does and should not protect you from social fallout from the things you say. If you say something that other people don't like, then they can expose and denounce you to their heart's content. That's their first amendment right. Obviously, if that denouncement crosses over into harassment, then they've violated other laws, and can be held accountable. But "free speech" doesn't mean that you can say whatever you want without consequence.

    4. It may not be the government "cracking down", but if the law requires that either GWW discloses her identity or Google take down her speech, then GWW's right to anonymous speech has been abridged.

  5. If you don't already have all your videos backed up on your HD or cloud you may want to consider it.

    "I will engage an attorney and file a lawsuit against YT for their irresponsible automated copyright infringement claim process, which exposes individuals like me to the risk of real life harassment."

    Good for you. They don't teach you in public schools how to navigate the legal system, so I wouldn't even know where to start. For example, how do you find an attorney in your area that would actually know how to handle a case like this? Is it easier than you might think?

    1. All my videos are backed up, yes. And no, I'm not going to be bullied by pieces of shit and cowards.

      How to handle a case like this? You do what's necessary, that's how.

    2. I will tell you that it's VERY unlikely that a suit against YT will succeed. In any event they aren't the legitimate target of your complaint. Although they have left themselves open for it, it's their process that's being abused.
      Fight the fight you're good at, don;t be distracted by another huge problem that many are complaining about and take it on as your own. You're too valuable in your chosen arena to be distracted.

    3. I don't much care how unlikely it is. The fact that they have an automated system in place that automatically discloses personal information to anyone who files a complaint, and a history of harassment and doxxing that occurs to people on YT, is enough to show that they aren't minding the store.

      The very fact that there isn't a real life mediary in place who can be contacted by individuals like me leaves the system wide open to abuses by those who would use frivolous and false claims to silence people *unless they open themselves up to abuse, stalking and harassment*.

      YouTube doesn't want to have to pay someone to manage frivolous copyright violation claims. To avoid paying someone to do that, they expose people like me to unnecessary risk.

      Engaging a lawyer may only get me in contact with some real people at YT. If it does, they'll be hearing some cuss-words from me. Motherfuckers.

      (sorry, still really pissed off)

    4. I don't think there is one, this would be a landmark, precedent setting case; which has a good chance, in fact, of a lawyer doing it for free, for the publicity, only a percentage of any money awarded by the judge if you win would be asked.

    5. And if there's lots who have been had by this, a class-action suit would be in the best interests of those being taken, the lawyer (especially if he asks for some payment anyway, costs can be shared), and ironically, YouTube.

    6. Hi GWW, it's Daran from Feminist Critics. cddaran is my wordpress username. I am not a lawyer, what follows in not legal advice.

      I realise you're mad as hell about this, and you've every reason to be, but mad as hell doesn't lend itself to clear thought. What are your goals here?

      1. To protect your anonymity?

      2. To protect your ability to speak?

      3. To complain the Google about their broken DMCA takedown process?

      Step 1. Lawyering up is good, if you can afford it, and I see you've already retained one. Excellent. The next thing to do is ask them how to proceed. By all means tell them your ideas, but be prepared to have them shot down.

      Step 2. Register your copyrights. Your lawyer will tell you what to do.

      Step 3??? I doubt you have a claim against Google. It sounds to me like they've followed the law, which doesn't require them to give you a human contact to complain to. A better approach might be to sue the two people (even if you suspect them to be the same person, they're two people for now) who submitted the malicious takedowns. For a start, they've already made false statements under pain of perjury. At a minimum you should be able to sue for declaratory relief, (a court judgment that you do indeed own the copyrights), injunctive relief (an order barring them from submitting further false takedowns), costs, and perhaps monetary damages. You may have other claims, such as slander of title (they falsely claimed to own what actually belongs to you.)

      And sue them anonymously, as Roe vs. Does 1 and 2.

      Once you've initiated the action you can subpoena Google for any information they have about these individuals, including IP addresses. Then subpoena the ISPs to identify the subscribers (You should already have copies of the takedown notices.)

    7. Actually, you CAN sue Youtube, or rather, its parent company, GOOGLE, which also owns BLOGGER, and thus HOSTS THIS BLOG as well as your Youtube account. In fact, I strongly recommend doing so. Civil law only requires a "preponderance of the evidence" to determine liability, which translates to anything greater than 50% certainty that the defendant is liable. That's a MUCH easier standard than criminal law's "beyond the shadow of a doubt", which demands 99.99% certainty or greater.

      If you do this, however, I STRONGLY advise you to contact the EFF for legal services. This is the kind of fight they'd take on, since it involves suing the provider of an internet-based service for a MAJOR violation of civil rights, and endangering the welfare of its users through institutionalized and/or automated indifference.

      I didn't want to publish anonymously (you may refer to me as "Ishvaara" for now), but it seems that my OpenID won't verify.

    8. cddaran,

      I like your advice.

      I tend to think a negligence lawsuit may be appropriate here - in other words YT/Google have deliberately and carelessly instituted a policy that endangers users by forcing them to publicize data that would otherwise stay private and to open themselves to possible abuse.

  6. If you haven't backed up your videos, use this Chrome extension to download them:

  7. Consider putting it up on another channel under registration with a person who is prepared to disclose if they re-attack, until this gets resolved on this channel in some way?

    1. If they attack using the DMCA takedown process, then the host must pass a copy of the takedown notice to the alleged infringer. That is the law.

  8. Replies
    1. Something along the lines of:

      "You claim Patriarchy was based on the premise that men are strong, women are weak. If you look a little deeper, you may find the assumption that is the wellspring of your assumption (one that explains men's greater physical strength, women's greater neoteny, the restrictions that have been historically placed on women, and even why men are insulted by being compared to women).

      "Hint: It's not men are strong, women are weak."

      As far as I know, most or all the comments I've left in response to other people's comments on that video have also been deleted by the channel owner.

    2. Although the much bigger and more important issue is the attempt to silence a rational voice by bullying and intimidation and cowardice, lost in this is the smaller but still real tragedy that ZOMGitscriss actually made some intellectual points WORTH ENGAGING, as in, grounded in acknowledgement of fact and reason and not contemptuous dismissal of male concerns. So you could question her reasoning, you could question her conclusions, you could add data and perspective of your own, but it looked like "Oh, the possibility of a reasoned discussion with a rational voice who isn't just spouting the typical paint-by-numbers bullshit about blanket oppression of females and male dominance." But no, apparently not.

      There are occasions when I find some MRAs hard to defend. But there are days like today when I can't be mad at any of them for refusing to budge even one inch to feminists. Here there looked like a real shot at a fucking DISCUSSSION between rational people, but instead it's censor, silence, harass, and attempted intimidation. Fucking nice.

    3. You're right Dean. It would have been a great showdown having those two go head to head. Both would have benefited too.

      As ever, one or two assholes spoil it for everybody else.

      But perhaps this matter can still be resolved so that might take place in the future.

  9. Isn't that amazing? ZOMGitscriss recently said that the militant feminists are only a minority, and yet she's on a website that's full of them. No one in a cult ever thinks they're in a cult. The cult of Peezus.

    If someone tried to get Anita Sarkesian's docs, they'd be going through the roof right now.

    You should get Thunderfoot's help on this. A few years ago another YouTuber tried to get his docs in a similar way and I think he got it reversed without giving up his docs.

    1. Yes, Thunderf00t ought to be your ally. He fought EXACTLY the same thing and won. Make friends with him.

    2. He did eventually get doc dropped by a Muslim stalker, though.

  10. @investmeinmymotley: Of course you would prefer to hear them. Except that they have no arguments, only their dogma and zeal.
    The feminist MO has ever been to saturate the media with their point of view and attack anyone and everyone holding a contrary opinion in any way they can. I find them akin to religious fundamentalist: the kind of people that are mired so deep in their beliefs that they can't help but regard the opinions of others as anything but absolute evil. I'm sure they firmly believe that any action they preform no matter how repulsive to a civilized person is justified as long as it serves to promote their agenda.

  11. If I were you, I would:

    1) Probably not take advice from me
    2) Contact Notable Free Speech / Cyberlaw Attorneys:
    a) Eugene Volokh
    b) Orin Kerr
    c) Jonathan Turley
    d) Floyd Abrams
    e) Marc Randazza
    f) jujitsu: find a well known feminist first amendment attorney, get her to take your case
    3) Post this to Hacker News where you will almost certainly be read by a YouTube employee
    4) Post this to reddit
    5) Create a kickstarter to create a video describing this abuse of the DMCA and your strategy to defeat it. Use the kickstarter page itself to describe your situation. The Net loves Kickstarters.
    6) Write specifically to Slate Double XX, Emily Bazelon, describe your situation, ask Bazelon (former law clerk and related to Betty Friedan) if she believes this is what feminism and the DMCA is about
    7) Tweet what is happening
    8) Consider tweeting/message/emailing some of the FTB bloggers. Due to their recent dustup with thunderf00t they are all now against doxxing.
    9) Create a storify out of all of this
    10) Probably disregard advice from me

    You have my absolute best wishes

    1. I would certainly recommend contacting the EFF. They are specialists in this sort of thing.

      Also forward your DMCA takedowns to Chilling Effects.

  12. My suggestion is to retain an attorney and have them file the YT counter-notification using their name and business address. This will serve to shield your identity as well as put the claimant on notice that you have hired legal representation.

    This is more likely to be successful than suing YT, and cheaper too.

    1. Yes, cheaper and easier than suing YouTube. But GWW seems to be mostly pissed off about the fact that an automated system that REQUIRES her to doc herself or face immediate censorship is YouTube's answer to copyright enforcement.

      GWW shouldn't have to INVITE personal and real life harassment to defend her views and opinions. Douchebags shouldn't be able to game a literally stupid system so they can escalate their online douchebaggery into real life harassment.

      In fact, they should see jail time for attempting it.

    2. I don't think you really understood the comment you replied to. It explains that she does not have to give out her personal information. She can if she wants to, or she can give the contact info of whoever she appoints to represent her in this matter.

      In light of that fact, it seems like most of the posts here are riding high on emotion, rather than reason.

      It's a shame this comment is buried at the bottom of this page: http://owningyourshit.blogspot.com/2012/08/abuse-of-youtubes-copyright.html#c559807606280960314

  13. There is a Reddit thread regarding this:


    Some suggest suing the complainant will be more worthwhile than attempting to sue YT/Google:

    "I would suggest she sees a lawyer about suing the people who made the claims, as that would be far more pointed and far less annoying than suing google. Any claims against google should just request equitable relief."

    Anyway have fun GWW, seems like it'll be an experience.

    1. Yes, suing the claimant might be worthwhile, but GWW is also upset with the fact that YouTube's system is broken and stupid. It requires her to open herself up to being a victim of real-life crimes, to defend her virtual, though no less meaningful, self.

  14. Go kick their asses in court! You can prove those videos are entirely yours with dated posts on your blog of the exact script you wrote and used for those videos

  15. I understand what you are going through to a degree (due to an internet stalker I cannot be "me" online). I will try and work out some sort of financial help into our budget so that I can say I support you (and mean it with more than just words).

    I have shared many of your things on my facebook, twitter, and google plus and for a better future for my boys I will continue to do so. I wish you all the best and hope the outcome is in your favor.

  16. I don't know if the suit against YT will get you anywhere but in debt, but since the copyright claims are groundless, you might consider going through with the counter-claim and pursuing the claimants. They commit perjury if they can't show that they own the content they claim to own.

    I'd also like to echo Jeremiah above. If you haven't backed them up, do so.

    Try contacting Thunderf00t, who has gone through this before (but who ended up having to release his information). I'd also take a look at some of LiberalViewer's stuff, he has a bunch of videos about DMCAs in general, and false dmca's in particular.

    Just remember, in all of this, that once something hits the internet, it never leaves. Your videos are already stored ;)

    Good luck!!!

  17. Which video did you make your comment on?

    And pardon my ignorance, did you remove the comment or did Cristina or "the mob"??

    1. Users can't remove their own comments on FTB. So someone with moderator *privileges* removed GWW's comments. And more than likely, it was Criss herself.

    2. My mistake. It was on a YT video. When a search of "neoteny" (which I'd mentioned in my comment) didn't bring my comment up from the morass of thousands of comments, I thought it was deleted. Apparently it's still up.

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI2yf9aueBA

  18. Why do you have to provide valid information? Neither one of the email addresses from your 'complainers' is valid. I am assuming the names are not real as well.

  19. Few years back 2008~ I subscribed to ZOMGitscriss then “similar” event happened to me so I unsubscribed her and never get back. I should fight that time and this might been prevented.

  20. Good Luck GWW. I hope you get both a speedy resolution and vindication.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Oh, come off it, you know it wasn't the "evil feminists" trying to doxx you, it's just some stupid internet trolls.

    But yeah, anything to attack feminism.

    1. I know. The fact that I've been on YT for almost a year, and have attracted over 12k subs and almost a million video views without an issue, only to have this happen 2 days after commenting (to overwhelming approval, in a thread she was downvoted in) on a video made by a woman associated with a blog community with a history of doxxing and stalking is... just a really wild and blind speculation on my part.

      I find it odd that you seem to think a person can't be a feminist and a troll at the same time.

    2. Speaking as someone who has been doxxed with varying degrees of severity probably half a dozen times in the last few years: I'm sorry this happened to you. Doxxing is a shitty tactic that no one should have to put up with.

      I don't think Ken was suggesting that they cannot possibly be feminists, just pointing out that the defining characteristic of whatever twit did this was troll, not feminist.

      And I think he's correct: most online communities beyond a certain point attract the kind of assholes who do this. It generally doesn't reflect on them any more than a random street mugging in Boston reflects on all New Englanders.

      The times I've been doxxed in the recent past have all been by MRAs. I don't think this reflects on mens rights activism as a whole, I think it's just an commentary on humanity in general.

      I like the idea given elsewhere in this thread of using an account holder who doesn't mind revealing their personal information if this continues. I imagine you'd want to use someone who you are better familiar with it, but if you end up going down this path and desire, I'd be more than happy to upload your videos and file DMCA counterclaims with my own personal information if they continue. I don't think this kind of manipulation is okay to try to block speech, even speech I don't agree with, and am (luckily) in a position where additional disclosure of my personal information wouldn't be a big deal.

      (I know some people are going to call this a troll post. I don't want to reveal who I am publicly on an MRA board because, well, most of my interactions with MRAs seem to end in death threats, but if you (GWW) are personally interested, I'd be glad to confirm the details of my story through a private channel for you.)

    3. I will happily pay up to £1000 to support your lawsuit. If you plan on also making videos or other materials to expose the atheist feminist community, I have loads of evidence of thoroughly evil trolling from one of their discussion groups (though such evidence is perhaps not hard to come by) and an account of my own suffering as a result of my efforts to reason with them.

    4. (apologies, this should have gone to the bottom of the page)

  23. I would so love to re-post the missing videos on my account. Please consider making them available to the public elsewhere. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to mirror them.

    1. I would love to see a torrent on ThePirateBay which batches together all of GWW's vids, would love to seed that. Vids are so good they're worth rewatching so some people might like to own a file copy of it rather than rely on YT streaming. Would allow for offline watching too, for those with bad or slow connections.

      I think there is a way to update torrents with new files, although I am not fully familiar with it, so it might be better to simply do batches on an annual basis. So since it's 2013 now, a torrent could be done for all vids uploaded in 2012, separate batch for 2011, etc.

  24. I have been targeted IRL by PZ Myers of FTB and Rebecca Watson of Skepchick.

    Why? Because I am a woman who frequently posts online in support of men, and against the dogma of FTB and Skepchick. Online is where they noticed me.

    I will not be cowered nor silenced, even with their attempts at quite serious libel. I know you won't either.

    I've adopted the term "Proud Gender Traitor". It was the first term used in regards to me on PZ's blog over a year ago.

    I support you.

    If there is anything I can do to help, please email me.

    (When I preview here, I come up as "anonymous", even though I used my openID: http://sacha-blackbird.myopenid.com/)


  25. Oh boy, this is rich: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=egalitarian

    Worth a read just for the laughs.

  26. What about fighting fire with fire and starting a campaign for all of us to flag this person's videos?

    Before you know it, they're will be no videos left.

    1. All I have is their "real name" and email address. There's no YT account as far as I can see.

      I can't imagine anyone would post such provably false DCMA complaints with anything but a sock-puppet account, anyway.

      They can do this completely anonymously and pseudonymously, with an email account they created minutes before filing the claim. Look at the email account for the claim on Fempocalypse, ffs: heheeheehahaha AT yahoo DOT com.

      There's no way to get to these people without forcing YT and Yahoo to provide ISPs and other info they have stored on their servers. Only way to get that is court order.

    2. Neither yahoo accounts are valid. Even if you counter claimed, they would never see the info. I would counter claim immediately and not worry about it. But, yahoo needs to fix this. There has to be more verification on their part before continuing a DMCA claim.

  27. Another idea: what about a Girl Writes What video in which you speak about this subject - censorship by claiming fake "copyright infringement."

    You can't be the only one this happened to, so I think your ideas and experiences here might resonate with a much larger audience.

  28. A machine decides that you're breaking the law and forces you to decide between exposing you and your family to potential threats or losing your career and perhaps even livelihood.


    Perhaps use a PO box as an address. Many of the big youtubers do this. You could also register a small business and use that for the paperwork. Even if it doesn't help in this case, it could help for future incidents like this.

    Another possibility is get an MRA volunteer from somewhere far away to supply their address and who is willing to expose him or herself to the threat. I'm sure there are enough people out there who have nothing to lose and would be very happy to help in this way.

    Oh, and people please stop suggesting she start another channel like it's nothing. Building up a youtube channel this popular is a crap ton of work and the video links will all change thereby losing all the incoming links.

    YT partnership is even harder to get and there's no alternative to this that comes remotely close. The damage this can do is far greater than most people realize.

    The other problem that most people don't realize is that youtube can't do the manual reviewing of all this simply because there are far too many. If they employed people to review such claims, they'd have to employ half the US population.

    GWW, malicious DMCA claims are commonplace in the youtube community. There should definitely be better protections out there. You are absolutely right to be spitting mad. Hell, I'm fuming about it myself.

    While I don't think a lawsuit would result in any kind of change to their policy, you might however get a human to actually review your case and resolve it manually. I heard the real people work for youtube somewhere deep underground.

    1. I agree. Setting up a small corporation or business of some description and obtaining a P.O. box may be the best solution for privacy protection. It's what celebrities and the wealthy do... and these sorts of situations are exactly why they use such go-betweens.

      I've heard tell that incorporation can be cheap and painless in some locales, although being Canadian may complicate things somewhat. I'm not really sure.

      Unfortunately, relying on YouTube's universal popularity to get the word out to more people is a double-edged sword; you also have to deal with their shitty policies.

    2. Don't sue YT, you sue the person breaking the law (A false DMCA is illegal and fraudulent).

  29. GWW, take some consolation in the fact that your detractors are so profoundly upset that they've have stooped to underhanded, unethical tactics in order to obtain your personal information... information they almost certainly intend to use to harass you.

    It speaks volumes about their character. In a word, they're scum.

    1. And by harass you mean: One they have her personal information it will be posted somewhere where unbalanced radfems can get it and make death threats as they did with Lacy Green.

  30. GWW, these people are in the wrong. And because of that, they will lose.
    They have gone down to schoolyard bullying level.

    What can we do to help you?

  31. contact phil mason, aka thunderf00t. he has experience with this sort of harassment

    1. In case you haven't been witness to how awesome he is with this stuff, watch the video where he made VenonX apologize to the internet for being a little shit. I know thunderf00t recently subbed to your channel, and he is currently in a fight with FTB and by extension, Christina Rad.

  32. Downloaded all your current content (well most of it). Will upload to my channel (thezenthink) as your videos come down or, if you want, I can upload all of them now and mirror your channel.

  33. Don't know if these are still current as they are a year old but worth a try.

    YouTube, LLC
    901 Cherry Ave.
    San Bruno, CA 94066
    Phone: +1 650-253-0000
    Fax: +1 650-253-0001

  34. Thunderf00t has a playlist of videos about the abuse of the DMCA, hopefully, you'll be able to get them to apologize on camera :P


  35. I realise this would be a big step (and that you probably have the info above already) but here is a page you may want to look at. The reason that I offer it here is, it is a You Tube clone. If things get worse it might be a good idea to transfer everything over there and encourage as many other MRA's as possible to do the same. I would certainly be willing to join you and I suspect many others might also. I have not examined it fully so I have no idea of it can be moneytised or not, but if enough people closed their YT accounts after leaving a video explaining why and how they set up on the new site, (Plus blasting the other social media pages with info too) it might get a ball rolling. Anyway, just a thought.

    Finally, I found this: http://www.google.com/productideas/#16/e=3d60a

    It may be a way to at least register what has happened and why you want it changed.
    Hope this helps. If I find anything else that may help I will post it here.

    Good luck and I know you will hate this but God bless you.

  36. Might I suggest that instead of providing your personal information, that perhaps you engage an attorney to represent your interests on you tube and have them provide _their_ information. That should provide a buffer.

    Sadly, it will cost money.

  37. Get Human has a number and instructions for contacting someone at Google. That may help: http://gethuman.com/phone-number/Google/

  38. I hope you find courage and peace in standing up for yourself against this 'automated' front.

  39. You may have run across this yourself already but this YouTube Help page does apparently provide a method of addressing Legal Issues ... hope it helps ...


  40. This is the sort of thing that ZOMGItsCriss generally does not approve of, I'm sure that what you're dealing with here isn't something most of her fans would approve of either.

    1. Yet, it is the modus operandi for the group she has allied herself with. GWW is not the first person those psycho hose beasts have pulled this shit with.

  41. Just forget YT. It's a piece of junk for publishers anyway. Pay a few bucks a month for a hosting company and domain (Mine costs $10 a month with unlimited storage / bandwidth + $10 a year domain) and host a blog there. Export your current blog into any of the CMS systems you'd like to host yourself. I recommend Wordpress, but whatever. It does a good job of allowing you to upload and show video files.

    1. I have 200 followers on this blog, which has been up for over a year. I have 12,000 subscribers on YT since the end of last October. I am the number one hit in their search engine if you type in the word "feminism". A friend at work got all excited because he recognized me in the "top videos" when he was booting around the other day.

      YT may be junk, but it's junk with an audience.

  42. Hi GWW, if your DMCA'd videos could use some mirroring, just let me know by pm where I can get a copy. If it's already on youtube's auto-recognition of banned vids, I am also able to upload it in a slightly unrecognisable (to youtube, that is) size and length.

    I appeal all DMCA's. Ms Heeheehaahaa won't be able to maintain any DMCAs on me if she tries, because after I give my info, they must give theirs, which they won't, so they'll drop it and reinstate the video.

    1. I see that JohnTheOther is posting the 3 taken down vids. I put up a mirror of your 2 minute one explaining what happened, and when John's 3 are finished uploaded, I'll link to those in the descripion. I see he's got the first 2 uploaded so far.

    2. Thing is, if I do that (and don't provide false info), they know where I live, but I don't know where they live. Which would be okay with me (maybe) if there was anything resembling a claim here. When Thunderf00t had two of his videos DMCAed, they were videos that included clips or images of another Youtuber (I'm guessing they were embarrassing). There was a semblance of a fair use dispute in there, and the fraudulent flagger was mad at those particular videos and wanted them down. I'd guess that's the nature of most of these cases--someone gets embarrassed, and abuses the system to get the embarrassing material pulled.

      The three videos of mine that were targeted involve me sitting at my table, talking. There is no mention of *anyone* else, on YT or elsewhere, by name. There isn't even a hint of a copyright infringement, even if you stand on your head and squint really hard. They didn't even pick the most popular ones, which is what they'd do if they just wanted to be a nuisance and remove some videos for a week.

      AND the notices hit my inbox within minutes of each other.

      The reaction of a lot of people to something like that would be to panic, and go through the counterclaim process immediately to avoid account deletion and lifetime banning. They might not even consider the implications of what the process entails, or read all of the relevant info.

      This is what this person or persons wanted to happen--they wanted me to be so freaked out I'd carelessly fill out the forms without considering or paying attention to the disclaimers, and hand them my address and phone number.

      The community I was playing in the other day has a history of bullying and real life harassment. A lot more people would have seen my participation in the ZOMGitscriss thread, and noticed that my disagreement with her position was consistently getting upvoted.

      If I file the counterclaims and provide my real info, I put it in the hands of potential stalkers and they get away with it. If I provide false info, I've just lied and nothing happens to them. Either way, I give something up--my security or my integrity--just so they can continue doing what they're doing anytime they want.

      Fuck that. I'll have a lawyer file the counterclaims on my behalf. Then I'll consider what to do next.

  43. I donated 200 dollars just for this shit. I will donate more later on to encourage you to keep making these videos but this time I did it *only* because somebody thought this coward act was a good idea.

    I will give my opinion of this situation.

    You are up against people who claim that they are advocates for woman rights *while* harassing anybody including women just to prove a point. The level of dissonance there is unbelievable. These so called feminists and their supporters are not above sending you treats against you and/or your family, or going to your employer (*) or even use methods "mafia stile" including sending pictures of places in your real life such as your house (**).

    (*) http://phawrongula.wikia.com/wiki/Greg_Laden:_Man_of_Mystery

    (**) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eCnmeaoGMA

    And your docs will drop sooner or later. It is very easy to find the names and address of any of us even with minimal resource.

    Either you back down and I hope you do not do that, or you must prepare mentally and practically to be in that position. I would guess any prominent v/blogger sooner or later has a chat with the FBI. I know and follow several of them who claimed they did just that. E.G., thunderf00t.

    TL;DR Try to stay anonymous as much as possible but be ready for when your docs drop.

    Be strong, and for what is worth I appreciate and admire you very very much. And I am a stranger who found by chance your channel and watched *all* your videos in 2 days. And I will watch them again. Several times. All of them. BTW, I am pissed that I did not watch the ones removed. Extremely pissed. Any chance to have a mirror of them?


    1. The first link I posted does not contain a direct reference to what I was talking about, i.e. a "feminist" trying to win some herd-approval points by going against a woman he quarreled with using a complaint to her employer. This instead should have been the link:


      my apologies.

    2. John the Other is hosting the removed videos if you want to watch them. He stuck part of my most recent one at the beginning of them, as an explanation why they are up there.

      And thanks for the donation.

  44. from girlvinyl at hacker news, where your story is discussed:

    That is not how the DMCA works. All she has to do to file a counter claim is submit contact information of someone authorized to act on behalf of the works submitted, be that an attorney, friend or other business agent (the only requirement is a US address). Do you think Britney Spears puts her personal phone number on RIAA take down requests?

    The RIAA doesn't even own the copyrights they get taken down themselves, they're acting on behalf of the copyright owner.


  45. See if you can take YouTube/Google to small claims court.

  46. Couple of things:

    1. You don't have to reveal your identity if your law suit does go to court. I have read about other bloggers who have gone all the way through the law suit and won without ever having to reveal their real identities to anyone other than their lawyers.

    2. Perhaps, you could turn your lawsuit into a class action suit against YT? I am sure there are plenty of others in a similar situation as you. Even NASA had to deal with this b.s. YT process recently.

  47. Hey, girlwriteswhat, I found a channel on youtube that mirrors all your videos, including the missing videos of your channel.
    "LPS Part 1 - Men have an equal responsibility." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDse6rqHl54
    "LPS Part 2- the rights of the child" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfwPUhiFKc
    "Fempocalypse!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ov5RUFWWc

  48. This is appalling and really does not need any more comment than that. Girlwriteswhat is an important voice and I would contribute to any fund for her defense.

    This whole scenario is like like cold War East Germany.

    1. Come on now, no need for hyperbole. This is not like cold war East Germany, I was in West Germany so I know.

      No one will be kicking in GWWs door armed with machine guns. Nobody defecting from the radfem camp will have to avoid several machine guns and landmines.

      The actions of those acting against GWW are abhorrent, disgusting, and pathetically immature. But again, no one is firing machine guns at anyone. I wish to see those acting against GWW to suffer the maximum punishment allowed by law, because what they are doing is also illegal.

      GirlWritesWhat is an important voice, because she speaks with rationality, and thinks about the words that are about to come out of her mouth. Rational, thinking people need as many of those kinds of voices as possible.

  49. You say some of your videos are down, but they all seem there to me?

    1. Well, what do you know. I just went and looked, and they're all back up. I peeked at my settings, and my account is in good standing, with no copyright strikes.

      Huh. I guess the fucking cowards chickened out and retracted their claims.

      Of course, they've still broken US federal law, and I'll still talk to an IP lawyer about pursuing them, or pursuing the next assholes who try it.

    2. "Huh. I guess the fucking cowards chickened out and retracted their claims."

      Alternatively, youtube noticed that the takedowns were defective and reinstated the videos on their own initiative.

      Do not assume the attackers have backed off. Even if the claims were withdrawn, do not assume it is anything other than a tactical retreat. The attack may not be over.

  50. Glad to see that standing up to those contemptible recreants worked, and your videos are visible again. :)

  51. Hi, girlwriteswhat. Would you be interested in debating zomgitscriss on polipop? I'm dying to see you two duke it out.

  52. You're doing something right whenever feminists attack you.

  53. girlwriteswhat,

    I recently found your vblog and I love it!
    Is there a way we can support you in this fight?


    1. I know this was addressed to GWW, but I wanted to butt in.
      You can support her monetarily by using the donate button that's way up there under the andy-warhol-esque mosaic of pictures.
      You can support her ideologically by linking to her posts or videos, I guess.
      And if you live near her you can support her but inviting her to dinner or drinks, which is what I'd love to do if I didn't live in the opposite hemisphere.

      (GWW, I hope you don't mind I answered for you here, if you do, I apologize, but I'm having a blast commenting on your blog).

  54. Just a thought GWW but have you considered the timing of this attack? Did it happen just after you reported on that conference you attended, or was it before then? If it was just after that might be the reason for it.

  55. Oh. As a PS to the above: I will shortly be putting an interview on my channel with Neil Lydon. He was a Times journalist that the fems in the media tried hard to destroy because of a book he wrote questioning everything they were doing and talking about. He felt the full fury of their rage but he refused to be cowed and he is back and still fighting them.

  56. Some pretty crazy shit that is. I noticed you might be a little stressed by all this. If you ever get up to Ontario,Canada or you are close to it already, look me up. My wife and I own a wellness centre and you can have a massage(on the house). :)

  57. I am releived to hear you are OK. It may be a good time to build defenses from further atacks though.

    If you go to your blogger dashboaed and go to 'layout' function you will rind that by hitting the edit tab ot the strip along the top of the blog you may hide it. This prevents people from flaffing it as objectionable.

    A 'fair use' disclamer may also help.

    Best wishes.

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    1. GWW has done a couple of right things in response to the implicit threats.
      (1) She's gone on record on the net about it.
      (2) She's let her potential stalkers know that she has a dog in the house. It's the dogs keen hearing that is important.
      She should do more advertising of the dog. Maybe even borrow a friends Rotweiler to parade around the kitchen on camera.

      Having been a victim of real world stalking I'll offer some advice. After going to the police and intially getting ignored, I went on line and complained about it and named the likely organization.
      The stlakers then disappeared into the tall grass.
      Political/cultural conflict is intensifying.
      If you end up in this situation you may want to check out Lynn Stuter's article on gang stalking on "news with views."
      Also the veteranstoday.com and/or Alex Jones had an article this month about internet copy right infringement claims as a political war fare weapon.
      It's good to know that GWW has her boss and the company as back up.

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  63. here's what i did to respond to a YT video removal of mine.


    not making much progress...

  64. ps: what's involved in your quest for gender equality? i created a FB page called "celebrate gender synergy" a while back to propose a functional solution.

    right now, family law practices are so chokingly biased in "favor" of women, it is almost shocking. children and families are suffering as a result.

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  67. Copyright strike basics: How to resolve a copyright strike and restore your account’s good standing: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2814000?hl=en

  68. Are these people kidding?

    This is not a feminist organized attack. I am well into feminist circles, being a radical feminist activist myself, and I absolutely reject these attacks you are experiencing as completely unethical and abusive. You have every right to speak your mind, even though your videos are so offensive and misinformed about feminism that I can scarcely finish a single one, as most feminists I know feel about them. But we respect your right to say those things and would never condone such an attack on a woman for speaking her mind. As a woman and as a sister, I was happy to see you speaking your mind and being vocal about your views, even though I adamantly disagree with most of your conclusions.

    I want to make this utterly clear: Feminists do not approve of these attacks on you. I know the women I work with very well, there are many of them, and none of them would do something like this. Whoever did it is likely a fringe individual and it would be nice to get to the bottom of this. On the contrary, if there is anything we can do to help protect you and keep you safe, we will have your back as a woman, as a human being, and as a sister.

    Speaking for myself now, I can see that you do have integrity, and I respect that. I hope you will not overlook what I am saying right now, because I have been through similar shit from the MRA, including death and rape threats, so I empathize with you immensely for having to deal with something like this simply for being a woman on the internet with a controversial opinion. To silence a vocal woman would be inherently antifeminist. This is absolutely not negotiable: Trying to shut you up, threatening you, and attempting to doxx you is antifeminist. ANYONE who might tell you otherwise is not a feminist. Period.

    Blessed be.

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