Wednesday, 2 May 2012

For those interested...

I did an hour-long interview with Angel Clark on Radio Freedom (a libertarian blog radio station) tonight. For anyone who wants to give it a listen, here ya go.

My bit begins about an hour in. It was an hour, and we didn't get to half the topics I could have discussed. Not enough time to get into it all. :(


  1. You know, men are not only punished for crying, they're also punished for NOT crying. People take men not crying as evidence for them being less sensitive and vulnerable thereby justifying worse treatment.

    1. It seems like men are expected only to cry for others, or out of guilt, wouldn't you say?


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  2. Just got to listen to the Angel Clark show that you were on. I have been aware of Keen and those guys over there for awhile. They are in my end of the spectrum, or is it I'm closer to them than to Bernie and the right-wing of the MRM. Doesn't matter, I was happy to see an MRA bring the message to this end of the street. My only nitpick is that they didn't give you enough time.

    Anyway Congratulations GWW.

  3. Hey GWW,

    Just listened to this. It's a superb interview you gave, but the situations for men that you describe are shocking.

    Thanks for everything you are doing

    All the best

    Twitter: @mantruecom

  4. An interesting thing going on, MRM sites being deliberately blocked and called "hate sites" when none of the clearly nasty "radfem" and "mumsnet" type misandry sites are not. Coincidence..I think not.

    1. Speech being banned in a country where if a sword collector posts pictures of himself online, posing with his collection is reason to be fined is surprising?

      A country where people can get away with hate speech just because they are a muslim immigrant, yet any natural british citizen who argues and points at someone can be arrested?

      A country where people are banned for being critical of laws?

      No, I'm not surprised, the U.K. is nothing but a shell of the former glorious empire it was.


    So are feminist liars, charities making millions off of false propaganda, government pouring millions of tax payers money on false propaganda and supporting it and the media generally supporting lies.

    You decide.

  6. Have yet to listen to this, but I really enjoyed the MGTOW show you took part in on AVfM Radio. Nice work!

  7. I REALLY think you should make a video about the disturbing media attention this hideous book is getting:-

    Fifty Shades of Grey = a very unpleasant development.

  8. @ girlwriteswhat

    I just watched the "Me a feminist? No way" video from you and I have to say that you managed to compress and express more truth and insight in under 40 minutes than feminism has managed to produce under it´s entire existence, despite millions in subsidies.

    What you´re doing is unmeasurably important and you´re doing an excellent job at it! You are a intelligent, responsible and bueatiful (in every possible way) woman. I think I have a crush on you :)

    In eternal admiration and gratitude for you and you´re efforts.

    God bless you!

    You´re Finnish fan, Matias

  9. How you got into men's rights is basically how I did but with comic books instead of sci fi. I'm far less courageous than you to talk about it.

    It seems every time I get brave I get shot down by people both in and against MRM. "I'm either a woman-hating woman" or "part of the problem." When all I want to do is work out my thoughts by talking it out.

  10. Hi. I watched your Marriage 2.0 video. Your essay was much more persuasive than your extemporaneous videos. I now have a much better understanding of what you think.

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