Thursday, 31 May 2018

Link round-up of my off-channel interviews and appearances:

Speeches & Panels

CAFE Toronto 2018 The Burden of Being Male

CAFE Toronto 2018 Growing Up Fatherless

CAFE London 2018 Men's Mental Health: A Silent Crisis

CAFE Grand Prairie 2018 The Red Pill Panel

CAFE Edmonton 2017 SheForHe Panel 1

CAFE Edmonton 2017 SheForHe Panel 2

NCFM 20th Anniversary 2017 Bill C-51

CAFE Edmonton 2017 The Red Pill Panel

ICMI Australia 2017 Evolutionary Realities

CAFE Ottawa 2016 Ogres, Onions & Men's Issues

CAFE Ottawa 2016 Ogres, Onions & Men's Issues Q&A

CAFE Ottawa 2016 Panel

ICMI London 2016 Toxic Femininity

Vancouver #SheForHe 2016 Panel Part 1

Vancouver #SheForHe 2016 Panel Part 2

UBC Students for Liberty 2015 Is Feminism a Friend of Liberty?

SFU-AMB 2015 Toxic Femininity

SFU-AMB 2015 Tocic Femininity Q&A

The Agenda with Steve Paikin 2015 Check Your Privilege

Kennesaw State University 2014 Q&A

Kennesaw State University 2014 Male Students in Peril

ICMI Detroit 2014 Why I am an Antifeminist

Ryerson University 2014 Are Men Obsolete

Ryerson University 2014 Are Men Obsolete Q&A

Wisconsin Liberatrian Convention 2014

New York Libertarian Party 2014

New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2014 Feminism: Socialism in Panties

New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2014 Do We Need Feminism?

Essentials of Freedom 2014 Political Correctness

Interviews, Livestreams, & Podcasts:

Young Turks

David Packman

Dave Rubin

Sargon Livestreams

Gad Saad

Gregory Alan Elliot

Michael Cross

Cassie Jaye RPRF 1

Cassie Jaye RPRF 2

Cassie Jaye RPRF 3

Steven Crowder 248

Steven Crowder 99

Steven Crowder 85

Steven Crowder 62

Steven Crowder 2015

Others in order of date:

Vee on IBS Drama Again 2018

Fireside Chat Roaming Millenial 2018

Paul Elam about Dean 2018

Vee on IBS Drama 2018

Jesse Lee Peterson 2018

Bettina Arndt Part 1 2018

Bettina Arndt Part 2 2018

Bettina Arndt Part 3 2018

Tim Moen 2017

Starudsk on Alt-Right 2017

Benjamin Boyce on Evergreen 2017

Good Intentions 2017

Matt Orchard Part 1 2017

Matt Orchard Part 2 2017

Jerry Cox on False Allegations 2017

James Damore 2017

Friended 2017 on Paternity Uncertainty

Tom Woods 2017

Christopher Cantwell 2017

Bettina Arndt 2017

YouTube Saints 2017

Rae Bonney 2017

Mark Latham's Outsiders 2017

Tim Goldich 2017

Young Voices 2017

Rebel Media - Feminism is not Populist 2017

Fireside Chat Jordan Peterson 2016

Stardusk Canada Perspectives 2016

RockingMrE 2016

Bernard Chapin 2016

Bane Canadian Special

xXToYeDXx at #GGinTO 2016

ICMI London 2016

Bane on Earl Silverman 2016

Studio Brule Livestream 2016

Accent Overlords 2016

Accent Shitlords 2016

Roosh V 2016

Bane Year-End 2015

Fireside Chat Stardusk 2015

Theryn Meyer 2015

Marie Claire 2015

Stardusk Rape 2015

Vee 2015

Stardusk Blank Slate

Sardusk MGTOW and Traditionalism 2015

Accent Overlords 2015

Vee and Anna Cherry 2015

Vee on Calgary Expo 2015

Jesse Lee Peterson 2015

KSU Male Students 2014

Gnostic Media 2014

BBC 2014

Stardusk Evo-Psych 2014

CAFE Interview 2014

Stefan Molyneux 2014

Erin Pizzey 2014

Paul Elam 2014

Journalism Student 2014

New Republic 2014

Stardusk Feminism 2013

CAFE Interview 2013

Stefan Molyneux 201

CBC Interview 2013

Paul Elam 2013

Stardusk Junk 2013

Stefan Molyneux 2013

Stefan Molyneux 2012


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  2. Wow - great collection! Good to keep for posterity (or deplatforming whichever occurs first) Thx.

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