Tuesday 21 March 2023

My Deep Dive Into the mRNA Vaccines | "Safe and Effective"

Update: I have updated this post with a link to the official TGA report for the Pfizer emergency use authorization. The relevant data on LNP distribution can be found on pages 40 and 44, although the summary has some interesting notes on the vaccine's lack of durability in animal subjects. 

The report also notes that Pfizer didn't bother to check and see whether the LNPs in the various organs and tissues had transfected the cells there and were expressing spike protein. Seems like something they'd want to know, but hey, that's just me.

What we were told:

The mRNA vaccines work by “teaching” your cells to produce a “harmless” piece of the virus’s spike protein, a process called transfection. The cells will then “display” that protein on their surfaces, and the immune system will "generate a response to it.” This is a safe and effective way of inducing adaptive immunity.

What was not included in any of the promotional materials I saw was a detailed description of just what that immune response entails. I will describe the rest of the story in brief.


Any ordinary cell that’s been transfected will die. A “display” signals to the immune system that there’s something dangerous going on inside the cell that puts the whole body at risk, like infection or cancer. The cell will be killed by a cytotoxic T cell, sacrificed to protect the rest of the body.


The T cell will also release cytokines to summon macrophages to the scene to assist. The cytokines also generate localized inflammation, which can in itself cause cell damage, malfunction and death. So we have collateral damage to the transfected cell’s neighbors.

Carcinogenicity, and other bad things:

Stem cells are so important, your immune system won’t kill them. They are “mother cells” that produce specialized “daughter cells”. Embryonic stem cells can and do make every type of cell in the body. Adult stem cells are housed in the bone marrow, and produce blood cells (red, white, platelets, etc). A malfunction in a stem cell can cause its daughter cells to be deformed, nonfunctional or cancerous.

No problem, because:

…the injection goes into the deltoid muscle and the transfected cells are skeletal muscle cells. Skeletal muscle cells regenerate all the time. There aren’t any stem cells nearby. And a bit of soreness and inflammation at the injection site isn’t anything to worry about.

Except, oops:

The mRNA vaccines do not remain at the injection site. During development, Pfizer did an animal trial. They encased a phosphorescent tracking enzyme in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). LNPs protect the vaccine mRNA strands and allow them to enter any type of cell. 

They injected their glowie LNP goo into rats and watched where it went.

Turns out, it goes everywhere. Within 25 minutes, it was detectable in the ovaries. At 48 hours, the concentration of LNPs in various tissues far from the injection site was double what it was at 24 hours, and roughly half the LNPs had migrated away from the injection site.

Final destinations included, but were not limited to, the heart, the liver, the brain, the eyes, the ovaries, the adrenal glands and the bone marrow.

Incidentally, 48 hours is when Pfizer ended the trial and stopped tracking the migration. Perhaps they didn’t like what they were seeing?

So let’s review:

First, nearly every transfected cell will be killed by the immune system, and a bunch of its neighbors will become inflamed and damaged.

Second, transfected stem cells won’t be killed, but may pass their malfunction down to daughter cells.

Third, the mRNA vaccines can transfect any type of cell.

Fourth, the mRNA vaccines can and do go anywhere and everywhere, including (but not limited to) the heart, the brain, the eyes, the liver, the adrenal glands, the ovaries, the bone marrow.

It’s important to note that the cytotoxicity and inflammation were the well-understood byproducts of transfection, which is an mRNA vaccine’s intended mechanism of function.

Where the cytotoxicity, inflammation, and any potential for carcinogenicity, occur would depend on where the LNPs migrate. Which, as noted, could be anywhere or everywhere.

So, we’ve already got some major problems, regardless of any other considerations. But don’t worry, there are more.

Meet spike:

The spike protein (S) is the part of a coronavirus that binds to a specific cell receptor to unlock the cell and get inside. 

Antibodies can do a number of things. They can all red-flag an antigen for destruction. Some can bind not just to the virus but to each other, forming clumps of several viruses that can all be destroyed at once. Still others bind directly with the virus’s binding site, which blocks it from infecting any cells while it awaits its doom.

So of course all the vaccine manufacturers chose S as their target protein, and more specifically S1 (the segment of S that contains the binding site). S1 is what the mRNA vaccines “teach” your cells to produce and display.

In March 2021, a preprint of this article was uploaded about abnormal microclots in people suffering from long COVID. The researchers took some healthy platelet-poor plasma (PPP), added some S1 and watched what happened.

Two things happened. The S1 converted healthy fibrinogen into an amyloid form, and it hyperactivated all of the available platelets. The platelets took up the amyloid fibrinogen, converted it to amyloid fibrin, then used that fibrin to form a bunch of microclots. Even in the absence of primary clotting factors like thrombin.

The microclots were resistant to fibrinolysis. That means they don’t dissolve. Which makes sense, since your body doesn’t produce any enzyme that can break down amyloid.

Now keep in mind, these were experiments done on microscope slides with tiny amounts of S1 added to plasma that was deficient in platelets. Under those conditions, you’re only going to get a few microscopic clots.

What happens in platelet-normal blood? Hmmm… I wonder if any embalmers have been finding larger clots that don’t dissolve…

Ninja clots:

Anyway, because the clots don’t dissolve, they aren’t easily detected. Normally, the tests you’d run are blood assays for elevated levels of D-dimer and FDP. Both are chemicals produced/released when clots dissolve.

Because S1-induced clots don’t dissolve, they don’t generate those chemical markers and can only be detected visually, via histopathological exam (blood smear) or scan. These procedures are not routine, and a blood smear can only reveal clots small enough to fit through a standard blood draw needle.

I confirmed with one of the researchers that the long COVID patients in the microclot study were not investigated for larger clots. For all the researchers knew, their test subjects were crawling with clots ranging in size from coffee grounds to earthworms and they’d have had no way of knowing.

Anyway, let’s see what else there is…

Say “amyloidosis” 7 times, really fast:

Some other researchers, piggybacking on the microclot study, found that S has seven different amyloidogenic peptides that each, in isolation, can generate amyloid at normal body temperature.

Amyloid is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad protein. Not only is your body unable to break it down, it really shits up the place. A friend of mine, who’s a pathologist, described amyloid as like candle wax. It clogs up your filters and barriers, and can build up in your blood vessels.

Alzheimers and Parkinson’s are famously associated with amyloid plaques on the blood brain barrier, but amyloidosis can affect any organ/tissue in the body. 

Your immune system hates amyloid so much, if it thinks your cells are making it, it will carpet bomb the whole area. And rightly so, given what amyloid does, which is kill you. Your immune system will do everything it can to stop amyloid production.

So let’s review:

The mRNA vaccines are cytotoxic, inflammatory and potentially carcinogenic based on their mechanism of function (transfection).

The mRNA vaccines can transfect any type of cell and they migrate anywhere and/or everywhere in the body.

The “harmless” piece of protein the vaccines “teach” your cells to make is not so harmless after all. It has amyloidogenic and hypercoagulant properties.

Taken all together, the above should make anyone squeamish.

We’re not done yet, ace:

The ACE2 receptor is the virus's ticket inside your cells. This is the receptor exploited by S's binding site.

What does the ACE2 receptor do? It converts angiotensin II (which raises blood pressure) to angiotensin 1-7 (which lowers blood pressure).

A marked increase in blood pressure is a common effect of both infection and vaccination. This is because anything that gets in between angiotensin II and the ACE2 receptor will prevent conversion and disrupt the ability to regulate blood pressure downward.

S1 is an ACE2 receptor squatter, so it obstructs conversion.

But let's extrapolate a little further. Both the spike protein and angiotensin II can bind with ACE2. An antibody that can attach to the S binding site might also be capable of attaching to the angiotensin II binding site.

If you want to make it impossible to unlock a door, you can put the gum on the key or in the lock. S1 is angiotensin II’s gum in the ACE2 lock. Anti-S1 antibodies act like gum on S1’s key. 

But what if they also act as gum on angiotensin II’s key? 

That could make your blood pressure go all fucky until all your circulating anti-S antibodies are gone.

How quickly we forget:

In July of 2020, a study was published on SARS (2003) survivors. In one part of the study, they drew blood, challenged it with the original SARS virus and found swift and robust T cell reactivity. This means that 17 years after their infections, survivors still had adaptive immunity to SARS.

It’s important to understand that adaptive immunity is not antibodies, it’s memory. If your immune system retains its memory of an antigen, it can start churning out antibodies the moment it sees that antigen again.

Give a man antibodies, and he’s immune for a day. Teach a man to make antibodies, and he’s immune forever. Or, as it turns out, maybe not.

What was interesting about the study is that all the T cell reactivity they observed involved the SARS nucleocapsid (N) protein. Reactivity to S? Nada, nil, zilch, zero, goose egg, bupkis.

Vaccine proponents have noted that “immunity wanes”. Vaccine-induced immunity certainly does, within just a few months. Immunity to N appears to be persistent and robust. And while it doesn't provide perfect protection, it's still protective.

Which raises the question: Why would SARS survivors “forget” S? 

Perhaps, and this is just my speculation, it's because of what I mentioned in the last section. 

If there are peptides common to both the virus's binding site and the binding site of some protein that's necessary to your body's proper function, you wouldn't want a persistent immune memory of S. Your immune cells would keep seeing "antigen" peptides everywhere even after the infection was gone, they would keep churning out antibodies, and that would prolong the disruption of a necessary process.

Your immune system always balances short term pain against long term gain. That's why it will ruthlessly kill even valuable brain and myocardial cells when they're infected. There's a benefit that accompanies the cost.

In the short term context of eradicating an infection, it may be worth disrupting a necessary process, such as the conversion of angiotensin II to angiotensin 1-7. Continuing that disruption in the long term would be all pain for no gain.

So maybe our immune systems are programmed to forget S out of self-preservation. Once forgotten, anti-S antibody production would cease, and antibody titres would rapidly drop as the remaining antibodies spent themselves on angiotensin II's binding site. 

My hypothesis may be pure conjecture, but it is consistent with both the findings in the cited article, and the rapid diminishing of vaccine-induced antibody titres that has been observed. 

I would love it if someone with the relevant expertise gave my hypothesis a glance to see if my reasoning is sound. At this point, it's only reasoning, and even if it's plausible, it would need further study to determine if it's actually what's happening.

Always something there to remind me:

Even if my speculation in the last section is not the reason for waning immunity to S, immunity to S, and therefore vaccine-induced immunity, wanes. Rapidly and profoundly.

So you have to get boosted. And boosted. And boosted. 

And every time you do, you generate a metric fuck-ton of S and anti-S antibodies. Every time you do, 10 to 50 billion ordinary cells that never did anything mean to you will be sentenced to death. You’ll also get inflammation wherever the transfection occurs. 

Will the vaccine transfect your bone marrow this time? Or your heart muscle? Or your liver? Or your brain? Who knows? If it’s your bone marrow, blood cancer or even immune collapse may be in your future. And any chronic immune condition, including a chronic infection (or transfection), can lead to cancer or autoimmune problems.

And whatever cells end up transfected, they’ll be programmed to produce an amyloidogenic, hypercoagulant protein that messes with your blood pressure, which will spur a flood of short-lived antibodies that may ALSO mess with your blood pressure.

But keep boosting. It’s the only way to not get infected.

Oh wait…

I’m so tired:

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to constantly exert yourself and there was no time to eat, no time to sleep, no time to heal?

Me neither. But I imagine there’d be a point where you’d just throw up your hands and say, “fuck it. I give up.”

Any infection can cause a temporary weakness in your immune system. Your immune system is busy with this virus over here, it doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with that bacteria over there. 

After 5 or 10 days of fighting nonstop, it will be short on rations. A lot of its resources will also be engaged in cleanup and reconstruction. You can be immunocompromised for weeks following a viral infection. This is why serious respiratory bacterial infections are nearly always secondary to a primary viral infection. Bacteria like to prey on the weak.

Adults can expect to catch 2 or 3 respiratory viruses a year. Now add two transfections. That can tire out your immune system.

And if it's the a chronic infection, or the same infection over and over, you can suffer T cell exhaustion. 

And keep in mind, a transfection isn’t like a reinfection in a couple of key ways. Reinfections vary in terms of how many antigens you’ll be exposed to. A million virus particles? A billion? 50 billion? Who knows? 

mRNA transfections always deliver the same dose of LNPs, which translates to tens of billions of transfected cells and hundreds of billions or even trillions of spike proteins, all of which your immune system will have to exterminate and clean up.

A reinfection will be recognized and reacted to immediately, maybe before more than a small number of cells are actually infiltrated, because you retain an immune memory of N. This is why reinfections tend to produce milder symptoms than the previous one.

The lipids in the nanoparticle coatings, on the other hand, don’t generate any adaptive immune response. They were designed to avoid that. Vector immunity is a pitfall of the adenovirus vector vaccines. If you develop immunity to the vector, it can't transfect your cells. An LNP vector solved that problem. Every mRNA transfection delivers the same amount of antigen.

'Snot effective:

And now, we must address the issue of efficacy. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently cosigned on an article explaining why the vaccines didn’t work as promised.

Remember what we were told, not just by dingbats on TV like Rachel Maddow, but by our public health officials and even Fauci himself. 

"You don’t get vaccinated to protect yourself. You get vaccinated to protect others." That was the justification for the mandates, vaccine passports and restrictions. It wasn’t a matter of your own personal health, it was a matter of public health.

Now Fauci has a different story. A tale of two immune systems. 

One resides where things from outside (like air and food) need to get inside, or things from inside (like urine, faces and offspring) need to get outside—your mucosal epithelium. Your nose, mouth, throat, lungs, gut, urethra, vagina, etc. This is the mucosal immune system.

The other is the systemic immune system, which gets activated after a virus gets past your mucosal endothelium and into the true interior of your body via the blood, a condition called viremia.

These two systems are mostly segregated from each other because a lot of mucosal infections can be taken care of right there in the mucosa, without ever turning into viremia. And because the systemic immune system generates debilitating symptoms, like fatigue, fever, chills, sweats, aches, if every bug that flew up your nose triggered a systemic immune response, you’d never get out of bed.

These vaccines only activate your systemic immune system. That’s why people commonly get systemic effects from the vaccines, but no mucosal effects (sneezing, coughing, congestion).

And THAT means a vaccinee's mucosa is naive. It can be infected, and will need 5 to 7 days to develop its own adaptive immune response to eradicate that infection. During which time, the virus will be replicating in their airways and getting breathed (or coughed, or sneezed) all over the place.

This is why these vaccines didn’t work, and never could have worked, to control the spread of the virus. 

What a tangled web:

The existence of mucosal and systemic immunity as segregated compartments was not some new discovery unearthed yesterday. It’s old news. 

They knew, or should have known, that the vaccines would not prevent infection or transmission. Yet they told people the opposite. And what they told people informed public policy in precisely the worst way.

The vaccines do not reduce your risk of infection or your capacity to infect others. 

Yet there you were with a false sense of security and a vaccine passport that gave you access to everything. If you’re a bit drippy and sneezy, it can’t be COVID. It’s probably just allergies. No reason to not visit grandma.

When health authorities identified Typhoid Mary, they quarantined her. They didn’t give her a round the world tour with a complementary free pass to all the tourist attractions, concerts, churches, sports venues and theaters.

As an immunologist, Dr. Fauci would certainly have known beforehand that these vaccines could never control the spread of a mucosal respiratory virus, yet he led everyone to believe they would.

The policies that disinformation engendered may have increased the spread, particularly in medical and long term care settings, where the most vulnerable existed at the mercy of vaccinated, but untested, health workers. 

Oh Darwin, where art thou?:

Mutations occur because of replication errors or genetic recombination during replication. Every viral infection presents billions of opportunities for a mutation to occur. A mutant virus will pass its mutation down to all its progeny.

Many, many (most?) mutations will be duds. The ones that are not duds will find a foothold and thrive. We all watched this happen in real time as different variants and subvariants enjoyed improvements on the previous strain and rapidly gained dominance.

This is bound to happen during a pandemic phase. If each infection presents billions of chances for potential mutations and there are hundreds of millions of people infected, odds are, you’re going to get some mutations that randomly lead to significant improvements.

The mRNA vaccines are monoclonal. They target one protein. Which means all you'd need is an improvement in one protein to escape vaccine-induced immunity. Immune escape is a serious competitive advantage for any virus.

If this were being purposely done in a lab, it would be called "directed evolution" or even "gain of function research". You’d set conditions that favor immune escape via S1 mutation, and voila! You’ve got new variants with mutations in S1 that can evade your vaccines. 

In the case of COVID vaccines, this was called "sound public health policy."

A polyclonal vaccine would require multiple significant mutations to both S and N proteins (and perhaps nonstructural proteins) to completely evade immunity. The odds of that happening in any given time frame are much lower than with a monoclonal vaccine. 

The virus would still mutate, because that's what RNA viruses do. But if the perfect storm (immune evasive mutation) has multiple ingredients and not just one, you'll get fewer perfect storms.

What this also means is that these vaccines contain an element of engineered obsolescence—one that, if not planned, was utterly predictable. 

Even if they didn’t know your immune system would “forget” S so quickly, they knew that their monoclonal vaccines would provide a quick and easy route for immune escape. All the virus would have to do is tweak one protein. 

But no worries! We can have an updated mRNA vaccine out in a jiffy! And because the last one was so "safe and effective", we don't even need to test this one!

Final exam, answer key:

The mRNA vaccines, by their very nature, are cytotoxic and inflammatory. Transfected cells are killed as a matter of course, and their neighbors may be damaged or killed as well.

The mRNA vaccines can transfect any type of cell, and migrate all over the body, including to places like the brain and heart where cells don’t regenerate easily or at all, and the ovaries, where a girl's lifetime supply of eggs are stored.

The mRNA vaccines can also transfect the bone marrow, which could spell future cancer or serious blood/immune cell deficiencies.

Every dose will transfect 10 to 50 billion cells. Which cells? Who knows?

Transfected cells will be forced to produce a protein that is not harmless. It’s amyloidogenic and hypercoagulant.

That protein, and perhaps the antibodies your body produces against it, also interfere with blood pressure regulation.

Which might be why your immune system “forgets” that protein once it’s been completely cleared from the body. Whatever the reason, vaccine-induced immunity is fleeting, necessitating multiple booster transfections.

Which can lead to immune exhaustion, leaving you susceptible to other viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

One of which may even be COVID 2.0, because the vaccines directed the virus’s evolution toward mutations in the spike protein that in turn lead to vaccine obsolescence.

And the mRNA vaccines were never going to control the spread of the virus anyway, because they don’t activate the mucosal immune system.

The above risks were imposed on millions of people without anything resembling informed consent, sometimes under a level of coercion tantamount to legalized extortion, all based on false premises.

“Safe and effective”:

These vaccines are not safe. A cytotoxic, inflammatory, potentially carcinogenic vaccine that does not stay exactly where it’s put every single time can never be described as safe.

One that induces your own hapless cells to produce billions of copies of an amyloidogenic, hypercoagulant protein that interferes with blood pressure regulation? That’s not safe, either. That’s double plus unsafe.

These vaccines are not effective. We were promised they would prevent transmission, and they did not, something that was entirely predictable. At best, they can reduce a vaccinee’s risk of a severe disease. But only if the timing is perfect, because…

These vaccines are not durable. For whatever reason, immune memory of the target antigen rapidly wanes, and antibody titres approach zero within four to six months. And even if vaccine-induced immunity WAS durable, the virus constantly mutates to escape that immunity.

Which is easy for a virus to do if the bulk of population level immunity is focussed on just one of the virus’s many proteins.

This ain't thalidomide, baby:

Please forgive the dark pun, but the fact is, thalidomide was an open and shut case. The babies affected all had the same defect (to varying degrees), and their mothers only had one thing in common. Mothers who hadn't taken thalidomide during pregnancy had babies without these particular defects. 

No one even needed to explain the why, because the what was so consistent and obvious.

One of the biggest roadblocks to convincing the powers that be that these vaccines are dangerous is the sheer variety of serious adverse events. What does Sonya's thrombocytopenia have to do with Sarah's gastrointestinal amyloidosis? How could Jack's acute kidney injury be connected to Bob's myocarditis? How could Jill's irregular periods and Jane's Bell's palsy share the same cause? Or Richard's heart attack and Rebecca's inflamed liver?

Of course, all of these problems could be caused by transfection and/or S. It's just a matter of where in the body that transfection occurs and where the S is produced. And that could differ from person to person, or even within the same person depending on other factors.

Another roadblock is the absence of any noticeable severe adverse events in so many vaccinees. For them, maybe the LNPs didn't migrate very much. Maybe the parts of their body that were transfected don't present noticeable symptoms and can easily regenerate? Maybe what migration occurred wasn't concentrated in any one place, but was diluted throughout the entire body? 

I'm very happy for those people. For the others, I am not so happy.

But I would invite everyone to ask themselves this:

If you were told before you got the jab, "this vaccine will kill 10 to 50 billion of your own cells as a matter of course, and there's no way to reliably predict which of your cells will be the unlucky ones," would you take it?

And that just ONE of multiple mechanisms of potential harm.

High apple pie in the sky:

I had high hopes. I wanted these vaccines to be safe and effective. I really did. I wasn't planning on getting vaccinated, because I'd already had COVID. And I didn't believe the natural immunity pooh-poohers.

Infection: your body is exposed to an antigen, and it develops an adaptive immune response to that antigen.

Vaccination: your body is exposed to an antigen, and it develops an adaptive immune response to that antigen.

See the difference? Me neither.

The only difference is that natural immunity is polyclonal, not monoclonal like these vaccines. Therefore, it offers protection superior to vaccination alone. 

And I had some sequelae from my infection. Something about the virus rubbed my cardiovascular system the wrong way. If that something was the spike protein, I wasn't interested in another big helping of it. And then BOOM, before I was even eligible to be vaccinated, the microclot article appeared in preprint form. That sealed the deal for me. No vax.

When I was told I could be even MORE more immune than the average never-infected vaccinee if I myself got vaccinated, my attitude was that even if immunity stacked like that (unlikely), why should I have to be even MORE more immune? 

In January of 2022, even the CDC had to admit it. Natural immunity was superior to vaccination alone, and vaccination, at least in the era of delta, offered no significant benefit to the previously infected. Not that they shouted this from the rooftops or anything. I only found out about it from a video on Dr. John Campbell's channel.

And in fact, the CDC's recommendation has remained in place. Everyone should be vaccinated, regardless of whether they've been previously infected or not. 

A month ago, a paper published in the Lancet confirmed what the informed, sane and thoughtful already knew, and what the CDC's own data had confirmed more than a year prior. Natural immunity is at least as good as, if not better than, vaccine-induced immunity.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Why don't you tell us all something we don't know?





a little-known mental disease of the ruling intellectual/expert class, characterized by hubris; recklessness; delusions of intellectual and moral superiority; tunnel vision; an inability to self-reflect, acknowledge errors and change course; and belief perseverance even in the presence of countervailing or disconfirming evidence.

Example sentences:

"Everything they do makes it worse but they just keep doubling down, so I'm pretty sure they have botchulism."

"Continuing to recommend COVID booster shots for children is clear evidence of botchulism."

"The entire COVID response was botched because of botchulism."

Anyway, that's it for me for now. I look forward to feedback in the comments. Especially regarding my conjectures about the fleeting nature of immune memory of S. 

I know this was a long slog, but I hope I made it accessible and easily understood.


  1. I have two degrees in molecular biology.
    This was a flawless description of EXACTLY what has been going on. And your S theory sits right in the middle of evolutionary medicine ('Why we get sick' by Benjamin Bikman). I wish my lecturers had been this clear.

    My wife and I did our preliminary research (as we always do) on the mRNA gene therapy and found gaping holes in the official advice. We refused treatment and lost our jobs. Our eldest couldn't go to his senior formal and we've lost some friends (most of whom should have known better).

    My wife has some existing immune issues, so the mRNA would have done her serious damage. We explained this to our MD and she refused to even entertain an exemption. We would just have to "take our chances". The whole thing stank to high heaven.

    Thanks for this. I learned some new stuff.

  2. My husband has indolent systemic mastocytosis. Anything unsafe he puts in his body sends him into anaphylaxis, and then his immune system spends a week or so gleefully attacking his liver and spleen.

    Our doctor literally said this: "If anyone should have an exemption, it's you. But I can't give you one. Tell you what. Get the first shot and if it puts you in the hospital then I can exempt you for the second one. Just make sure you do it at a mass vaccination site, not at a pharmacy. They'll have paramedics and ambulances on hand."

    I was dumbfounded. I said, "And what if it puts him in the morgue? Will he still get the exemption, or will they stick him a second time as we lower him into the ground just to be on the safe side?"

    Two days later, I'm in the car listening to CBC Radio, and they have a spokesperson on from the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons. 8:30AM the day we went in, a province-wide memo had gone out. ALL exemptions (and "unconventional treatments") would be investigated and subject to disciplinary action, including loss of license. The spokesperson used the word "punish" like 7 times in a 2 minute interview. As in, "We have tools to punish doctors who step outside the official guidelines." "We've made it clear to doctors that if they defy the standard of care, they'll be punished."

    That explained a lot. I couldn't even stay mad at our doctor. But it took a while for me to trust him again.

    We managed to duck the mandates. My husband's boss just told him to keep working from home until the company lifted its mandate. We could have done twice-weekly RATs, but that's $100 a week just to come into the office when there's nothing he does that he can't do from our home office. So it all worked out. For us. Not for everyone.

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