Thursday 22 December 2011

Been busy...

Doing this:

And a few other videos, you can check them out here.

I've also started writing for A Voice For Men, thanks to John the Other's enthusiasm.

My first article there is here, and my second here, for any of you who haven't heard or had a look yet.

Other than that, I've been pounding the mall pavement, stockpiling goodies to go under the tree, and trying to schedule all the required holiday visits with family in. Also, a lot of drinking, to try to stay sane.

For the near future, I'll be doing an interview after the holidays with Stephen Molyneux of Freedomainradio, a philosophy webshow. And after that, who the hell knows? 

In between all that, I'll be posting here now and then, and kicking up my usual fuss on reddit, but if I don't get another chance between now and Santa Day, Merry Christmas to all of you, and thanks for your support. 

Hugs, all. :)


  1. I've really enjoyed listening to your perspective. I never thought too much about gender philosophy, but I agree with a lot of what you said. I definitely could see the differences in the relationships I have with my son and daughter. I never really put that much thought into it before. In the end, I dont know if that will ever change, or if it even should. My son will have to be a 'man' and my daughter wont. Thats not to say I'm mean to him, but I dont coddle him the way I do my daughter.

    Its nice to see a woman acknowledge these things. Most dont and feminists have it completely reversed.

  2. Holy moses, this is amazing.

    Thank you so much.

    I'm going to be digging deep into your blog...thank you again.

  3. I found this line of thought extremely well presented and informatively true. I forwarded a link of the youtube video to a great number of friends.

  4. Hey, just wanted to say that I like the videos a lot. I think a lot of people are aware of the problems you're addressing, but not enough people actually discuss them directly.

  5. Just recently I was talking to Alan White, the leading author of "The State of Men’s Health in Europe" issued by the European Commission in summer of 2011. One can download this report for free over here: It assembles in one 400 page volume up to date statistics on a very wide range of subjects, always comparing the numbers for women and those for men. It might be an interesting source of facts for the discussion.

  6. Miss GWW,

    Was just introduced to you via your Disposable Male video.

    THANK YOU. Finally, someone who gets it! Finally, a little credit. Because you're right, we don't get that anymore - it's a thankless job, trying to uphold the old ways.

    While I do not at all disagree that the math and logic of reproduction have selectively bred us down this road for untold ages, I believe the impetus extends beyond mere sociological forces.

    For men.. real men.. the old ways are also ennobling. We find in them a rich source of food for the male soul. What you argue, albeit effectively, as no longer justified, I believe still retains critical value. We need it for ourselves - we men - as much as you once needed it from us.

    In fact, we suffer a weakening of character,a sort of malady of the soul, without it. You can see the evidence of this in men all around us today. The state of our society reflects it, daily, and with increasing severity.

    But this leads to a discussion of men's spirituality, above and beyond the domain of behavioral psychology within which you have framed your case.

    But primarily, again, thank you for your advocacy on our behalf. It's nice to be appreciated again, even if only narrowly for what is perceived as (presently) obsolete virtue. besides, you never know - times change, fortunes fade, and all empires fall. You might need us again. I'd hate to be caught unprepared - that's no fun at all!

    Santa Cruz, CA (militant feminazi mecca! I wonder who they'd crucify here faster - you, or me? Probably you - they just try to ignore me.)

  7. I like your channel. When I did a men's issues radio show, people like you were a joy to have on. There's a definite valley - hardcore 2nd wave feminists, especially the women's shelter community, immediately dismiss you as a misogynist. Most men, on the other hand, aren't really interested in gender ANYTHING. Trying to explain how real differences in the sexes wear grooves like water eroding canyons over time so people are tracked into bigger differences than most of them would exhibit is basically just the provenance of feminism. Meanwhile trying to fairly account for the condition and action of both sexes has almost been a monopoly of the (mostly right-wing) Men's Movement. Very nice.

  8. To put spin on a rather terrible phrase:

    Excuse me while I go to the kitchen and make you a sandwich.

  9. Not long ago my husband and I had a tiff. There was that fairly typical not wanting to discuss too much, me having to (choosing to) figure out what was up etc etc etc.
    It really hit me that men are raised to keep it bottled up, not talk about it and be strong. To do otherwise makes them weak, girlie-men.
    Round the same time, I watched a you tube docu on the Titanic and yes, there is the old "women and children first." I can't imagine standing there and watching my husband die. Yet, I think you make a great point. That is what we women are trained to do. Women first.
    Really appreciate your blog and this video. Looking forward to more of your thoughts.

  10. Amazing- found you on 'What Men Are Saying About Women.' Amazing that you actually are concerned about the welfare & future of your sons. For most of my 48 years I have seen nothing but the holiest of holies Feminism trump even the welfare of sons to women.

    It really does make you wonder if the majority of Western women are even part of the human race anymore. I have become so disgusted not just with relationships but really just any encounter with women at all living in the U.S. Interacting with them is equivelant to playing with dirty AIDS infected needles or black widow spiders.

    I have a 26 year old daughter as well. Does she talk to me? Not much. Why? Because as the father with an adult daughter, if you are not financially supporting her in one way or another, then she has no use for you.

    Your only usefulness is all dependent on your financial success. And of course if I become finacially successful tomorrow- I'm not really sure what is worse - the knowledge that then she'll only be coming round because of it.

    My son is in presion for dealing drugs.. and I'm white. They were both essentially raised by a single mother and I made every effort to be a part of their lives for years and years on end- but it was all just a waste. I don't matter and I am nothing to them and just a piece of garbage they threw by the side of the road.

    Relationships? Ha- as hard as you might find this to believe, (because of my dim view) I'm actually a handsome guy- tall, blonde and holding up really well for my age and just now starting to do well financially and most of my life have had some pretty decent luck with women- if you want to call it that.

    I'm not sure how 'successful' a never ending series of flings with mostly cute women but then end up dumped rates as success in the grand scheme of things. Because I am just as alone as ever. Am I lonely? My question would be, "lonely for what?"

    A shrieking harpy who at any second can lead me to financial ruin and falsely accuse me of anything at any time? I laugh hysterically at women who tell me they are SO frightened at having their 'heart broken." Ah, how quaint.

    If I as a man become involved in a relationship with a woman I run the risk of going to jail even prison and ending up with a criminal record which in turn will slam doors shut on career opportunities. If only my greatest fear was having my heart broke I would be in heaven.

    My disgust for women has become so great that I even shun them at work- have been for years now- I work in corp america. I find that if you never speak to them or even make eye contact with them and occasionally look at them like you're going to puke, eventually they will quit. It's important to make them feel that cold, dead and empty feeling right back at them that they make me feel.

    That might all sound over the top and almost like this is a joke, but I'm not kidding. I want them as far away from me as possible. Not only that, they never really DO anything at a place of business anyway except warm a chair in some make-ready position. It takes them weeks to accomplish something I can do in the course of ten minutes.

    They are truly pathetic in every conceivable way- when you make zero demands and never hold someone accountable, it should come as no surprise that they will in turn become human garbage. How ironic then that Feminism was supposed to 'improve' women somehow.

    Throw all the insane laws in reagrds to them on top of all of that and you have the perfect nightmare- not just for men, but for everyone. I'm much less afraid of a convicted felon- even a man convicted of manslaughter than a Western female. Because I can protest myself from the felon and the law is on my side. With women the law is against me and I cannot protect myself.

    1. Umm... Well you need to sort that out mate because you sound like a total headcase.

    2. Dude, I get what you’re saying, but turn down the bitterness dial a few notches. You can recognise the bad and still keep things in proper perspective, ya know. You sound like a feminist!

  11. Hi there.
    One question for you: How did you got to write for A Voice for Men?
    Do you think people reading that would be interested in an article regarding men's issues in Romania?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  12. Anyone can submit an article to AVfM and have them consider it for publication. I was thinking of doing that, because several people had recommended it, when one of the contributing editors there contacted me and asked me to be a contributor.

    It is quite possible that if you have something to say about men's issues in Romania, they'd be interested. Make sure it is polished before you send it in, and edit it according to their guidelines on punctuation, capitalization, etc. There's a link on the site for writers, with the guidelines posted and instructions on how to submit.

    Go for it. :)

  13. The problem is that I have looked for an hour and have not found any link about submiting articles, contributors or applying with a new article.
    I just couldn't.

    Could you help me, please? :)
    Or, provide me with some contact with the site administrators (use for that the PM on Youtube - I am Kongeriket - if you think it is unsafe to publish such data).

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Here ya go. :)

  15. I hate these comment blockers. Half an hour to post a comment? And I lost the original comment which was quite long. Very aggravating. Anyway I was wondering if you'd like some criticism of your argument. I basically agree with you 100% (so far; I haven't read the whole site yet) but we both know you'll never get a feminist to intelligently critique you. I don't know about leaving comments in this format though.

  16. Madam, you are brilliant. I am sick to my soul at women calling me a misogynist in the when I refuse to accept their glaring misandry. The fact that I see men and women as complimentary creatures with equal but different functions in society makes me a target for reasons I simply cannot understand.

    The refusal of feminists to own the damage they've done to our society in so many fields is sickening. Whole industries are changing as lawsuits alleging "discrimination" are won time and time again, even when such "discrimination" is tantamount to men at large being either willing or able to do something women are largely unwilling or unable to do.

    Don't like the fact that lawyers making firm partner are mostly male? Don't work the 80-odd hours a week, the constant travel far from home or pay the massive opportunity costs to make partner yourself- sue the bastards. Make the world change to fit your personal desires rather than put the effort in to earn it.

    The logic in the posts I have read is impeccable, concise, and well written. You've an amazing mind- I admire you greatly.

  17. 1. All respect, you are better than some "Men's rights" blog and sensationalist movement. They, in a well meaning way, are extremists in their own right. You are a calm, cool, clear-headed pragmatist. I went to UC Berkeley and you were as clear and insightful as any professor I had there. I believe you could have a great career in academia if you wanted one.

    Just one mans humble opinion.

    2. What if I agree with all your points on how imbalanced society is, and still agree with the imbalance? Men and women have their roles. This is neither good nor bad. As you say, it is business as usual. I'm a man, I like to think of myself as rather masculine. I like the feeling I get when I am protecting others. It makes me feel proud. I would never want my girlfriend (for instance) to ever stand in harm's way in my place.

    1. You make a valid point. One could argue that certain roles are OK. But there needs to be open discourse about what roles are appropriate, and which are needlessly restrictive. Moreover, we need to ensure that we do not allow a situation whereby men’s roles are strictly enforced while women can do whatever they want.

  18. Of course the MRM have a lot of extremists. They have a larger hurdle to leap to gain public support, because of pervasive cultural perceptions of male "hyper-agency", male disposability as "the proper way of doing things", "women and children first", and men's natural tendencies to want to be seen as masculine (never admit being a victim or powerless, tough enough to endure any hardship, suck it up-itude, willingness to put others before themselves, etc).

    And you may agree with the imbalance. On the other hand, your girlfriend has a HUGE amount of power to fuck your shit up if she ever cares to. My boyfriend is the same way, but at the same time, I know I can be trusted not to use the power I have to hurt him. I hope you know that about your girlfriend, and I hope you're not wrong.

    And you might feel differently about how much you enjoy protecting others the moment you pull a toddler out of traffic only to be loudly accused of being a pedophile by the child's mother.

  19. I would send you a message, but since I don't see an option for that, just wanted to let you know I found your blog today and have enjoyed your writings. Gave you a link over at mine.

  20. I'm a guy, and I honestly think that the whole 'MRM' thing is unecessary. To me the idea of "men's rights" is like saying "White rights" or "straight rights"; totally unnessary. I mean let's be honest; white straight men rule the world. (I'm a guy and I'm straight, but I'm a Pacific Islander, so I guess 2 outta 3 aint bad).

    And most self-proclaimed 'MRA's' that I've personally met and/or encountered are knuckle-dragging, chest-beating, ball-scratching mysogynists. I mean really; they're just the male counterpart of a Femi-nazi. Femi-nazis and MRAs are both loud, annoying sexists, but the only difference is that one is male and the other female. And frankly, I could do without either of them. Furthermore, the mere existence of these two movements only encourages division between the sexes. White racists and black racists will never get along, and neither will male and female sexists.

    Though, I've noticed that many feminists and MRAs have someting in common. They both tend to be the kind of person who likes to complain for the sake of it. Some people just like to piss and moan; they get off from bitching about every little thing. And organizations/movements such as feminism and the MRM both provide perfect outlets for that. Humans are tribal by nature; we seem to have this need to identify with an ideaology, embrace its views, and then to openly shun outsiders. Racism, sexism, political parties and gangs are examples of this. As is feminism and the MRM.

    So yeah; to sum it up: I think that feminism and the MRM both need to disappear. They're both pointless, a drag on society, and are both populated with sexist, self-serving nutjobs who should be banished to the moon.

    1. I wish what's loosely called the MRM *was* unnecessary, I wish there weren't quite such widespread and readily-accepted discrimination against males. But it ain't so, and wishing won't make it so.

      Of course some members of the MRM are arseholes - much like not all women are tattoo-toting misandrists with dubious personal hygiene regimes. But at some point, as GWW so lucidly explains, we all have to sit and think about where modern westernised societies are going, and if the impetus to do that involves giving voice to a few "chest-beating ball-scratching mysogynists (sic)" well so be it. As with any controvesial issue (politics, climate change, religion) the idea is to examine the truth of someone's argument, not how they say it.

      You write as if only the more extreme elements within the MRM were the true representatives of it, without wondering whether the MRM as a whole had some valid things to say, and thus hoist yourself by your own petard.

  21. Hi Girl writes what,
    you may be interested to know we have launched womens only sites for CAF. These are sites where women can register under OATH to perform jury service in all women courts on all women juries to put women properly accused of a crime on trial.

    Of course, so far response has been very muted by women. This is once more demonstrating to the young men just how hypocritical women are in that they want to protection of the law from men but do not wish to offer the protection of the law TO men.

    Sounds real "equal" to me.

    You might want to gather up your fellow women and discuss this topic.

  22. 332e59de-8054-11e0-9e6a-000f20980440Jan 11, 2012 12:32 PM

    So men like me who had our children kidnapped, our houses stolen, our companies destroyed and were cast into poverty...who then stand up for our rights are "knuckle-dragging, chest-beating, ball-scratching mysogynists."

    Thanks for exposing how much you hate men who are victims of the criminal family courts. And the family courts have been PROVEN to be a criminal cartel.

    I tell all the young men I meet how they are being BETRAYED be women and manginas who believe the young men can be criminally victimised with impunity.

    In my case the criminals in the FC gave 95% of the assets I accumulated over 25 years to my ex. And women REJOICE over this clear crime. The fact women REJOICE over this clear crime is not lost on the lads.

  23. I've said ones that I've personally met and/or encountered. They're the type of person who likes to latch on to a cause, just so they can say that they're fighting for "something". Feminism and the MRM are two different sides of the same ugly coin. I believe both movements are pointless, a joke, and are both populated by professional whiners who get their kicks by complaining for the sake of it.

    In *your* case, perhaps you should have gotten a pre-nup. I don't "hate" victims, but I *do* hate anyone who likes to play the victim and cry "woe is me" 24/7. So you got dumped/left, and lost your shit? Well, boo-fucking-hoo. That's life, pal. Hearts get broken all the time, and as the Allstate Insurance commercial puts it; "Chaos never takes a vacation". Things don't always turn out in your favor. I myself have gone through some hardships in my day, but I don't whine about them to total strangers in the hopes of racking up sympathy points. I also would never dream of dedicating my life to some monastic mission to spread my views others who don't care to hear them. *That* is the domain of religious whackos....and the habitual complainers in both the feminist movement and the MRM. Feminists and MRA's are both rebels without a cause.

    Regarding anti-feminist women such as girlwriteswhat: I appreciate what they're trying to do and all, but I almost get the feeling that they don't like being women. When I listen to their rhetoric, it seems as if they wish they were men. (I guess Freud was right after all). Anti-feminist women tend to baby men, as if we're all hapless victims, or the unwilling and unwitting pawns in some grand evil scheme and/or conspiracy. Anti-feminists also seem to assume or believe that all feminists are evil nutjobs bent on destroying society, which isn't the case. I think that all feminists could better spend their time doing other, more productive things, but I don't think they're all a bunch of little Hitlers. Allophilia is when a person strongly identifies with a group to which they do not belong. Case in point: wiggers. I would also argue than many anti-feminist women are indeed allophiles.

    Really, everyone should stop worrying about their "causes" and just focus on themselves and understand that life sometimes throws you a curve ball. No sense in getting worked up over every damn thing that goes wrong in your life.

    1. Your english comprehension skills are terrible. Is English your first language.

      You said “I've said ones that I've personally met and/or encountered.”

      I said: “So men like me who had our children kidnapped, our houses stolen, our companies destroyed and were cast into poverty...who then stand up for our rights are "knuckle-dragging, chest-beating, ball-scratching mysogynists."”

      I did not say ME. I said MEN LIKE ME. And men like ME are exactly the men you are referring to. So please learn how the language you speak works before you embarrass yourself again by looking like an idiot.

      “In *your* case, perhaps you should have gotten a pre-nup. ”

      You seem to know NOTHING about me. My divorce cases were in both Australia and Ireland. Prenups DO NOT EXIST in these countries even today and certainly did not in 1989 when I married. So f*** you you stupid man. Thanks for offering a suggestion that is NOT POSSIBLE. Further. Prenups are NOT respected in the UK, USA, Canada and most places in the English speaking world. This is because the courts are a criminal cartel.

      So you are talking shit and everyone here knows it. No wonder you do not want to reveal your real name..

      “So you got dumped/left, and lost your shit? Well, boo-fucking-hoo. ”

      And THAT is the sort of MAN-HATRED that MEN spread about. A man is criminally abused and ANOTHER MAN says “boo-fucking-hoo”. Well? Now that men are KILLING WOMEN in large numbers? Men LIKE YOU have blood on your hands.

      I DESPISE men like you. I really do.

  24. Whining about whining.

    The cycle is complete.

  25. Hey everyone, this is Erik / The Culture Commentary from Swedish blog Aktivarum. I have written in length on these subjects in swedish.

    Due to the founding of the new reasearch field Male Studies and the new international academic publication "New Male Studies" I have started to translate my articles in english as well.

    If you find the subject interesting you might wanna check it out. Current subjekt, old-fashioned or modern? When Italian luxury liner Costa Concordia is sinking nobody complains about old-fashioned structures. Now men NOT being old-fashioned is being criticized.

  26. I am impressed by your stuff. Please keep up the good work. The more people involved in MRM who are obviously not bitter neanderthals the better public perception is (eventually) going to get.

  27. Hi GWW,
    Well. I have had time to read much of what you have written and said. My feedback, and own personal opinion is this. You can do with it what you will.

    You mention how, when joining into mens discussions you have to prove your credentials over and over again. You can thank the THOUSANDS of our sisters who have come along claiming they want to help but all they are doing is alpha-male attention whoring. I have spent HUNDREDS of hours talking to women and explaining the issues when they have said they want to understand the issues so that they can help. I will NEVER believe a woman say those words again. Not you. Not anyone with a vagina. If that is a problem for you? Then deal with the WOMEN who created it.

    Now. I do not believe a woman talking about MENS issues is at all useful. You might find that a little strange so let me explain.

    Today western women commit all sorts of crimes with impunity. In my case my ex committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. The child abuse is not yet proven. She committed these crimes FOUR YEARS AGO. Here is the PROOF.

    As you can see from the PROOF I have impeccably documented my case. I have served many Lawful Notices on those who injured my interests. There are NO QUESTIONS that my ex committed these crimes. NO ONE is denying she did this.

    Now. Here is the question. What are WOMEN doing about a WOMEN criminal?

    Well? I’ll tell you. They are SUPPORTING HER AND CONDONING HER CRIMES. That is what they are doing. Again. I am going to give you PROOF.

    Here is a set of Open Letters to the International Womens Club of Dublin. This is a very exclusive club. Only 250 women are in it at any one time. These are the wives of ambassadors, managing directors and entrepreneurs like me. Their husbands are the top 1%. Any woman would be LUCKY to be married to one of these men. And here they are…100% of them…OPENLY supporting and condoning a criminal woman for a period of FOUR YEARS. Nothing can remove this evidence. Nothing can wipe away the OBVIOUS HYPOCRISY of these women. I have even included as many emails as I can.

  28. On the Irish FreeMan site there were 300 women in October 2009. These are women who ALREADY AGREE that common law should be re-introduced into Ireland and that jury trials are the way to establish a system of LAW. I put it to them that I wanted my ex placed on public trial by WOMEN ONLY. Of 300 only 3 agreed with this position and one of them was attacked by other women.

    A young lad also asked the question about my ex stealing EUR18,000 from our company. I have PUBLISHED THE CHECK SHE USED TO STEAL THE MONEY so there is NO DOUBT she STOLE EUR18,000. The lad asked the assembled 300 women if they considered this a crime and should she be punished.


    So I can show you 100% samples of supposedly “good women” who openly support CRIMINAL ACTS BY WOMEN. I can do this consistently. On your NAFALT video a woman from the UK did what THOUSANDS have done before. She claimed that “your wife should be punished” so I invited her to join CAF. Then she gets all hysterical and spouts CRAP and when I rebut her CRAP she plays “victim”…all so that she can AVOID HER OBLIGATION of sitting on juries and punishing women criminals.

    Now. Why tell you all this? I am telling you all this because, as far as I am aware, there is NOT A SINGLE WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET TALKING ABOUT PUTTING CRIMINAL WOMEN ON TRIAL AND GAINING A PATH TO JUSTICE FOR MEN.

    Not Erin Pizzy. Not Christina Hoff Summers. Not Nancy Shaefer. Not you. NONE.

    If you can find one I would be really interested to know.

    But I can point you to MILLIONS of women who are SCREAMING about putting CRIMINAL MEN ON TRIAL. Hell, the do not even need to be criminal, an accusation will do, right?

    So another question. Why are there NO WOMEN who are putting their voice to holding women “equal before the law”?

    It’s because women are LIARS and HYPOCRITES in the main.

    Here is my Lawful Notice to ALL members of the Australian federal parliament.

    Since women wanted to be in that parliament they too were put on the hook for the crimes committed against me. Not ONE woman wrote back to me having been named as a criminal. I followed this up with an open letter to all the women in both houses. I called them liars, hypocrites, cowards and criminals. Surprise, surprise. NOT ONE replied. Here it is.

    So my point would be this.


    Would it not be more useful for the women to DEAL WITH THE WOMEN?

    Sure it would. But women REFUSE to deal with criminal women.

    Would you like to be the first in the world to do that?

    By the way? Us men are WELL down the path of dealing with criminal women. I have gathered FOUR YEARS worth of evidence and it will be released in a new book relatively soon.

    I am on a mission to DESTROY THE CREDIBILITY OF WESTERN WOMEN. And there will be some honest women who are collateral damage. And I will care about those women just as much as women have cared about the dead men from the abuse of the family courts. Just as much as women have cared about me. And that would be NOT AT ALL.

    “Do unto others as they have done unto you”

    And I, and those men who choose to, are going to do to women just exactly what they have done to us. The only thing that is going to mitigate that is WOMEN putting CRIMINAL WOMEN on trial and giving fair and just remedy to the victimised man.

    Your brother Peter

  29. Of course if a MAN did this he would not be so kindly treated on a national today show.

  30. GWW,
    this week a woman I have known since 1986 wrote to me. I have given her hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work across her career. When she got fired from a contract against my recommendation as to how she act she was broke and I loaned her EUR6,000 from my own pocket to help her. She is a single mother of one girl. You know what she said? She said that since some guy "abandoned her" after "promising to marry her" when "he got her pregnant (notice she is the victim)" she has no sympathy for me being the victim of crimes of my wife.

    THAT is what awaits your son GWW. Women will CRIMINALLY victimise him and it will be JUSTIFIED by women based on IMAGINED slights.

    That is why I support Josh Powell 110%. Josh Powell took the decision that he did not want his sons growing up in a world where they were HATED and could be criminally victimised with impunity. Maybe if was have a few thousand more Josh Powells women will START TO F***ING listen to what us men are SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS.

    The HATRED women SPEW ALL OVER MEN is having an effect. And one example of that effect is Josh Powell.

    Where are the women who will denounce my friend as a FRUITCAKE for justifying criminal actions of a woman based on an IMAGINED SLIGHT by a man 30 years earlier, eh?

    Western women are CRAP. They HATE MEN. And we KNOW IT.

  31. Here you go GWW. If your sons ugly teach RAPES HIM she might even get THREE DAYS in jail.

  32. I don’t know what music you follow, but the double standard and actual violence against men are somewhat celebrated in the US Country Music scene.

  33. @ GWW

    Firstly, many many thanks for doing what you do and for having the cojones to do so. I've watched a number of your youtube vids, I got there from I don't know where but I'm glad I did.

    I'm a white male living in Australia who will be 52 this year. I've gone through quite a few spaces in the last 5 years, especially in the last 9 months since my father died, my mother went into permanent residential care (she has dementia), my dog died, my partner found someone else blah blah (not whingeing, just saying..). The short and sour of it is that, beyond my own "journey" (god how I hate that phrase) I began to wonder how I got here and why it was I felt quite so lost. Through all sorts of apparently unconnected steps I began to tap into that corner of the internet that focusses on the role of us blokes in contemporary society - some of it made sense but was also laced with god-fearin' bible-bashing (F Roger Devlin f'r instance). Some of it was just outright misogyny. Much of it wasn't even intelligible.

    Which brings me back to your stuff. I won't say I agree with absolutely everything you've said in your videos (though I haven't yet thought through why), but the general thrust of your arguments make a lot of sense to a far-from-radical but nonetheless baffled ordinary sort of chap.

    But enough rambling. Something I bumped into a few months back (and for some reason I've bumped into several tiems recently) that backs up your "Disposable male" theme are suicide statistics in English-speaking developed nations.

    I know you've touched on figures in the US, but here's a couple more:

    1) the UK (2010 stats) the suicide rate was 17/ 100 000 (male) vs 5.3/ 100 000 (female)

    2) in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics) the figures for 2009 are 14.9/ 100 000 male vs 4.4/ 100 000 (female).

    If those figures alone don't confirm there's something tragically wrong with how men are treated or valued in westernised cultures, then the almost total absence of any MSM discussion of them ought to.

    Thanks again. Keep up the rage.

  34. Men, women, anyone with any common sense, you must read this:!

    "This message is about the highly discriminatory National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Domestic Violence Against Women and Their Children, 2009-2021 (henceforth described as 'The Plan')."

  35. I showed your videos to my ex, and the first thing she said was, ‘at least she’s in the kitchen where she belongs!’.

    Seriously, is there a single person who’s seen your vids and not thought of this joke? LOL

    Sorry that our humour is so predictable. Keep up the good work anyway. :)

  36. Hello,
    I just stumbled upon your youtube clip, and followed here to ask a question. You said towards the end of your clip, "The only difference I see between the traditional role and the new one for men is that manhood used to be celebrated... because it was necessary and the cost of it was so high." ... But my impression from your talk was also that men today aren't viewed as "needed" as much as in the past (don't have to hunt-and-gather, protect the castle, etc..)
    So if men aren't needed as much, could this correlate with why "manhood" has fallen in esteem today?
    Interesting points you made.. I do confess that the knee-jerk response of "women and kids first" is still engrained in me to an extent. Make me wonder if people can let go of this knee-jerk assumption, and what it might change as a result. Thanks for the inspired reflection!

    1. Hi, Nina.

      I would actually recommend listening to my "Men not marrying?..." video, just to get an idea of how male identity (or manhood) is constructed by men, and how modern society has played into both the lack of regard and outright contempt for men that seems so pervasive, and what tends to happen when you block positive ways for men to construct their identities as men.

      And I think if you look back a hundred years to how disposable *everyone* was (with men usually the first to be sacrificed)--I mean, 8 year old kids were cutting off fingers or hands working in sardine factories, so our values have really changed--men have become MORE disposable, relative to women and relative to how we live, than ever before.

      Wives used to be dependent on husbands, right? When you introduce measures to make women independent without addressing the fact that the only way a man can defer his disposability is to perform a useful and necessary function that women or society relies on... this is why you see the absolute dismissal of men's humanity evident in someone like Harriet Harmon saying "Fathers are not necessary to social cohesion." That statement completely brushes aside the question of anything other than a man's usefulness to others--if he's not useful, who cares if he loves his kids and if he suffers from being separated from them. If he can't prove himself useful, why give him paternal rights?

      Same with Hilary Clinton's comment, "Women have always been the primary victims of war. They lose their fathers, their husbands, their sons in combat. Women are left to raise the children alone." Not only does this not acknowledge a man as the *primary* victim of his own brutal death, but it casts his widow as a "bigger victim" because she must now make do without his help and support. In the most cynical interpretation of Hilary's words, by dying, he inconvenienced his wife, and that makes her the primary victim of his death.

      The fact that people in power can say such things and not have everyone stare google-eyed and WTFing all over the place over it is just so bizarre to me. Can you imagine the uproar--even from MRAs--if someone in power were to claim that mothers are not absolutely necessary to children's upbringing so there's no reason to respect their rights to their children? We'd all be screaming, "How can you say that about a mother who loves her children and would be devastated losing them?" But when you say such things about men, it just flies under our radars.

  37. seriously, is there a single person who’s seen your bids and not thought of this that us main position of divorce if you need get more information then link provide us

  38. There will come a day where the majority of males will say: "enough".

    That day, in what I expect to be their infinite kindness, they will simply let women fall from their pedestal to the ground, a fall to equality that will seem so harsh many of them will mistake it for something else.

    Thing is, don't ask me to save your life. I would've given my life for my ex. I would still give my life for my child. But never again will I consider dying for anyone else.
    Seriously, who would've protected my child if I had given my life ? can't believe I was that stupid.

    Fathers of the world, unite, children first, rest is gender equality so run for your life and run some more for your children's.

    I only hope we will manage to land from feminism softly rather than through a civil war (short one though, with all the brains and muscle on the same side --).

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  40. Hi there! I made mention of this very excellent video on tumblr--your gloss on the "article in a BC paper" specifically--and got asked for the source on that.

    Would you happen to have a link to that particular article so I can pass it on as well?

    This is the first of your videos I was introduced to and I have been sharing as many as I can with everyone I know. Thank you for your logic and insight.

  41. I just saw this video from a friend. I think it's an interesting analysis of society and how we view both genders. I've thought of some of the points before, but not as far as you have. What I did think of I posted in
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts

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